The Nomad Actuary
A little blog about things that rarely relate to actuarial science

Welcome. This website is just a hobby project. I have been meaning to create a blog for some time now, and finally decided to just go ahead and do it (with a little help from quarantine due to Covid-19). While of course the hope is that someone, somewhere, will find some of this interesting, the expected value for the count of readers is close to 0. And I'm fine with that.

For the wandering souls that do find their way here, below is a quick checklist that should help a) prevent you from wasting your time, and simultaneously b) drive the average readership towards the expected value I predicted above (I like to be right, sometimes even at my own expense).


So what is this about, really?

If I had to come up with an aim, or loosely overarching goal for this blog, I would simply say that it's to share some of the interesting things that are possible with the use of technology, with a focus on programming, data maniuplation and visualization, and yes, of course, machine learning (🚨 buzz word alert). I hold a strong belief that many of these skills are still undertaught both at school and on-the-job (sorry, Excel alone just doesn't cut it anymore), to professionals that would benefit greatly from them as would their organizations/businesses. So if you want to learn something, you should just take it upon yourself, and this can be one of the great many resources to help you along your journey.

Whether you are an actuary, an accountant, or anybody really, that's completely new to coding, or someone with a decent arsenal of skills, the posts should have something for everybody, especially if you work with data and numbers (which nowadays is trending towards being, well, everybody). Topics will be skewed towards the things I like, after all, it is my blog. Or in other cases, things I am learning about and sharing my progress with you on. Admittedly, some - or perhaps many, depending on how things go - of the posts will have nothing to do with any of the aforementioned things, and may be more personal or about things like travel. On some topics, we will dive in more deeply. While for others, posts may at least serve as a gentle introduction, with useful links to gain more knowledge if of interest.

In a nut-shell, here's what you can expect:

  • Current Events
    We'll look at what's going on in the world today (not just in insurance 😉) through the lens of data and analytics, and see how we can roll up our sleeves to make some sense of it.
  • Data Visualization
    Some fun exercises using various data viz tools and charting libraries to produce nice exhibits that get a point across. Anyone can benefit from being able to tell a better story with data.
  • General Coding
    Large focus on C# (and the .NET eco-system) and Python (and the ML world), sometimes some JavaScript too (yuck).
  • Travel/Life as an Expat
    You will also have to deal with some frequent or not-so-frequent personal posts, like what I have been up to, or places/things I have found interesting, especially as an expat living abroad. Sorry in advance (but not really).

Contact me:

Have any general questions/feedback about the site? Please feel free to drop a line, would love to hear from you.